Find Peace of Mind with an Australian Funeral Plan

Funeral preplanning and organising your personal affairs can be a very emotional time for you and your family. Leaving your Australian funeral plan for your family to organise can add to their stress at an emotional time in their lives. Taking control of your service planning earlier, either by taking out insurance or investing in a funeral bond, is a sensible way to get some peace of mind for a difficult time.

Why Choose Sureplan?

At Sureplan we have over 75 years of funeral preplanning and fund management experience. We are an Australian mutual life insurance company and can offer a dedicated service for you and your loved ones. Being mutually owned means there are no payments to external shareholders and all surpluses are retained for the benefit of our members. This ensures all our fees are kept low and you get a plan that’s the best possible value.

Why Prepay?

We’ll all have a funeral and with increasing industry costs and inflation the price you’ll pay for yours in 20, 30, 40 or more years will be significantly more than what it would cost today. The time to apply for Sureplan's low cost, fixed price Sureplan Family Fund for those under 56, is now. The earlier you begin your plan, the less you will pay in total premiums. If you are over 55 you can put aside funds in Sureplan's safe and secure bond, Sureplan Gold. By organising your Australian funeral plan now you’ll put in place a cost-effective and reassuring solution for your service.

Preplanning Makes Sense

Arranging your funeral plan ahead of time removes any uncertainty about your final wishes and, on a practical level, will ensure all the necessary finances are in place, so you can rest easy. You'll be satisfied, knowing all your arrangements have been taken care of through our affordable products. Contact our friendly team for more information about the benefits of Sureplan's Australian funeral plan.

Funeral Plans for All Australians

We understand people of all ages can benefit from prefunding their service. Our plans allow you to reserve your place in a funding program now, as leaving it to later in life can incur greater costs. This is why we have created two Australian funeral insurance products, Sureplan Family Fund for those 55 and under and Sureplan Gold specifically for over 55s. Both Funds are low cost, giving you complete financial control when providing funds for your service.

Sureplan Family Fund

We offer Australian funeral plans suitable for all family members; eligible applicants (medical and health conditions apply) between 1 and 55 years can benefit from our plans. Even if you and your family are fully fit, it still makes financial sense to plan ahead. Having an Australian funeral plan in place gives you the peace of mind that the necessary arrangements have been dealt with; with no last minute stress, financial requirements or emotional concerns. Our insurance plans come with fixed premiums from the day you begin your policy. Additionally our insurance covers you for life even though payments finish at age 60 – unlike others insurers who demand you pay premiums up until reach your 90th year.

Sureplan Gold Bond

If you are over 55 and need a reliable, secure Australian funeral plan, then the Gold Bond is an ideal, tax effective way of growing your funds securely. Sureplan Gold only invests in "AA" rated fixed interest securities or cash, typically meaning you could receive a consistent 4-5% annual bonus payment under favourable market conditions. Also, our Sureplan Gold bonds are exempt from both the Income and Asset tests (conditions apply), so they can have a significant advantage for means tested Centrelink and Department of Veterans' Affair pensioners. By using our Sureplan Gold Bond, your nominee will be paid within 24hrs of the claim; helping to reduce pressure on your family.


When making a financial commitment it can stretch a family's budget, this is why we offer flexibility with our insurance plans and bonds. This means with Sureplan Gold you can vary your monthly contributions or make additional lump sum payments depending on your current circumstances.

A Service You Can Rely On

Arranging your Australian funeral plan means making complex and sometimes delicate decisions. At Sureplan, we simplify the process with an affordable way to prepare for your last rites.

We have a dedicated team of friendly professionals who can assist with all aspects of your personalised Australian funeral plan. Our team can arrange your plan, whether for a family or individual, in a cost effective and tasteful manner.

You will receive an exceptional, personal service where your financial arrangements are taken care of with minimum fuss. We will discuss your intentions and carefully assist you with organising your application. We can also answer any concerns about your application and any other questions about our service in general.

What’s Your Next Step?

By making an appointment with us, we can assess your needs and work through your plan with you. Contact our friendly team for a confidential discussion about your future needs.

Sureplan Australian funeral plans provide essential peace of mind for people of all ages. Enquire online or contact our team on 1800 817 105 for arranging your service wishes.