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Sureplan Gold, Our Funeral Bond Product

Sureplan Gold is a secure funeral bond which provides competitive and reliable returns. It follows a safe investment strategy to help you prepare for paying your funeral costs and it typically offers yearly returns equal to what you’d get from a bank savings account.

However, unlike bank interest, there’s zero requirement to declare it as tax assessable income.

Sureplan Gold has no penalties or charges associated with it and it actually provides tax and pension advantages. Pensioners can invest up to $12,000 in funeral bonds without it being subject to the income and assets tests. Similarly, funds in a funeral bond may also be considered an exempt asset for anyone entering a retirement village.

Sureplan Gold offers a confident way to plan ahead and claims are paid within 24 hours upon being notified of the policy holder passing.

Better than Funeral Insurance?

If you’re over 55 years of age and looking to invest in a preplanning product, our best advice is that you make use of our funeral bonds.

Sureplan Gold is a much better option than the funeral insurance you see advertised on TV from the big for-profit insurers. These are the types of policies that can result in you paying more in premiums than what the cover is worth.

Most of these policies have premiums that increase with time, creating a scenario where you’re actually being financially penalised for living longer. What’s more, if you can’t continue with payments, you’ll lose your cover and there’ll be no return of any money that you’ve already paid.

We do have a funeral insurance product called Sureplan Family Fund and it’s available for medically fit people under the age of 56. Sureplan Family Fund policy holders only pay premiums unit they reach the age of 60 and the amount they’ll pay will be around half of what the cover is worth.

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