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Frequently Asked Questions About Our Plans

At Sureplan we receive a number of questions from people who have an interest in becoming a member. Here is a selection of questions which should help you make a choice on your Australian funeral plan. Alternatively, contact our friendly Sureplan team for further information.

Family Funeral Fund

Making an informed decision on your Australian funeral plan is essential before making your choice. Here we have listed the most common questions people have asked about our family funeral fund.

Who can join Sureplan Family Fund?


Australian funeral plans for our Sureplan family fund are for ages between 1 and 55 when joining. We cover across childhood and adulthood for all family members.

When does my membership commence?


As soon as your application is accepted, you are covered. Although, remember to pay premiums as cancellation will occur if the first payment is not received within 6 weeks. If you have any concerns, Contact our friendly team, who'll be more than happy to assist.

Do I have to disclose any medical and health conditions?


Yes, as a requirement for membership, you need to fully disclose all known medical and health conditions.

When wouldn't Sureplan pay a benefit?


Sureplan would be unable to payout when there is an undisclosed medical condition, death from the result of suicide occurs within the first 24 months of membership or other fraudulent conditions exist.

How much does a funeral cost?


Deciding on an Australian funeral plan early is prudent, as an average funeral can cost between $5,000 and $9,000. Using our flexible and affordable Sureplan Family Fund means you can select the benefit level you need.

Can I withdraw my money?


No, the objective of the Family Funeral Fund is to maximise benefit for payout only on death of a member.

What happens if I cease paying my premiums?


It's important you continue to make regular payments of premiums so you gain maximum benefit on your type of fund. Any nonpayment of premiums for a period of 12 months will result in the policy being cancelled, with no refunds made. Funeral insurance is like any other insurance as the premiums are paid in exchange for the cover provided.

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Sureplan Gold Bonds

We recognise you may have some questions about our Sureplan Gold bond. Here are some of our member's questions which should ease your mind about our leading Sureplan Gold Bond.

Who can join Sureplan Gold?


We happily accept people of any age who have an interest in their funeral preplanning. One benefit is you don't need a health check!

Is my money safe?


Absolutely, we have over 75 years' experience of managing Australian funeral plans. Our secure Gold Fund is focused on preservation of the member's funds therefore we invest only in secure cash and "AA" conservative investment. We are also regulated by the Corporations Act and the Life Insurance Act.

What fees and charges do I pay?


No fees come from member's contributions. Although, the Gold Bond funeral fund pays a monthly management fee (2% p.a. maximum) to the Sureplan Friendly Society Ltd General Fund for covering operating and admin charges.

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Sureplan Australian Funeral Plans provide essential peace of mind for people of all ages. Enquire online or contact our team on 1800 817 105 for arranging your funeral wishes.