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Being a Sureplan Member Brings Great Benefits

At Sureplan, we have over 75 years' experience in supplying Australian funeral plan cover for you and your family. We offer outstanding benefits to all our Sureplan Friendly Society members. You will receive generous benefits for a low and affordable contribution.

Secure Investments

Both our funeral insurance cover (Sureplan Family Fund) and funeral bond fund (Sureplan Gold) are regulated by the Australian Prudential Regulatory Authority (APRA) and the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC). This should give you confidence that your choice of provider is reliable and professional; complying with all appropriate financial regulations.

Sureplan Family Fund Benefits

The difficult truth is that death is a certainty, the uncertain part is when this happens. Arranging an Australian funeral plan using our Sureplan Family Fund is an easy way of preparing and reducing your family's financial and emotional stress.

Payment without Delay

Once you've completed an application and it’s been accepted, you will have immediate cover on the initial payment. In the event of being advised of your death, and within 24hrs, we'll pay your benefit to your nominee as requested in your plan; unlike superannuation and insurance funds that normally require a death certificate or probate to be granted.

Full Cover

We offer full funeral insurance for accidental death and death from natural causes. It is important to note, you will not be covered for death by suicide within the first 24 months.

Lifetime cover, with payment only to 60

Unlike our competitors we offer lifetime cover for all our members, even though you are only required to make payments up to the age of 60. Most other funeral insurers require you to pay until 90. By paying premiums only until 60 normally means you can save literally thousands in total premiums with Sureplan. An Australian funeral plan with Sureplan will give you superior cover for less cost.

No Premium Increases

On being accepted for the insurance option of our Australian funeral plan you'll have a complete picture of how much your premium payments will be for the term of the policy. Our premiums are fixed and we also offer the flexible option of increasing your cover benefits up to the age of 55.

Bonus Benefits

You'll be happy to know your funeral benefit cover can increase; you may from time to time benefit from our generous bonus payments.

Funeral preplanning is the most cost effective long term investment strategy for your family. Our affordable funds help our members reduce the financial burden on their families and take away their financial worries. Contact our friendly Sureplan team for full details on how our affordable family fund can benefit your family.

Over 55s Sureplan Gold Bond Benefits

Since 1998 we have been delivering excellent benefits to our over 55 age group in a prefunded Australian funeral plan. Our Sureplan Gold works similar to a savings account and offers a number of impressive investment benefits.

Safe and Secure

As Sureplan Gold only invests in low-risk "AA" rated fixed interest securities and cash as we understand our members' primary concern is the safety and security of their Australian funeral plan.


You have the choice of paying in lump sums or paying regular contributions from as little as $20 a month. If circumstances change, you also have the option at any time to change your nominee.

No Hidden Costs

That’s right Sureplan Gold is upfront with no nasty hidden costs.

Bonus payments

At Sureplan, as we are a mutual life insurer with no external shareholders to consider, we can allocate bonus payments (based on Fund earnings) to your Sureplan Gold policy as available (an average of over 4% p.a. since its inception in 1989/90). We invest in secure cash and "AA" investments, so our Fund has a reputation for having strong, reliable and consistent growth.

Immediate Funeral Benefit Payments

On the advent of your passing, we will pay the service benefit to your nominee within 24hrs. This is normally faster than other insurance or superannuation funds that may need a death certificate or probate.

Pension Concessions

If you are a Centrelink or Veterans' Affairs pensioner, by using our Sureplan Gold as your Australian funeral plan, the money you invest (subject to a maximum threshold) is exempted from both the Income and Asset Tests providing you hold no more than two funeral funding arrangements.

Contact our friendly Sureplan team for further information on how our popular over 55s Sureplan Gold Bond can benefit you and your family’s future needs.

Additional Transportation Fund Benefit

Interring a loved one can be complex and is expensive. Sureplan Body Transportation Fund is available to members of Sureplan Gold or Sureplan Family Fund funeral plans. The option is open for people up to the age of 85 and covers expenses of up to $3000 for transferring them, providing death occurred more than 70 kilometres from their normal place of residence.

Sureplan Australian Funeral Plans provide essential peace of mind for people of all ages. Enquire online or contact our team on 1800 817 105 for arranging your funeral wishes.